Questions by Jason2009-02-18
ND2700 sync to Ipod
Is it possible to sync the Nexto to an Ipod with a powered hub? I'm wanting to use my existing 30Gb Ipod as a backup for the Nexto in case of HD failure.

I've tried a non-powered connection but it just gives me a 'unsupported USB' error.


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Answer by h2009-03-03
Answer by David2009-03-19
Hi Jason,
Not sure if it helps, but in my dealings about getting external drives to sync using the sync function, it has been explained that the external can ONLY be formatted in FAT32 and most likely externally powered as well. I don't know hat IPOD is formatted, but that would answer that at least if its not Fat32.

Note - I currently have not had success yet with external devise sync, but am anticipating that Nexto might advise soon what list of externals are compatable to thier OTG interface ...
Answer by nappier2009-03-26
jason, if you format your ipod in windows, the file system should be in FAT32. Apple Mac OS 10 can't write (only read) in NFTS file formatted HDD anyway. Probably, you can get an iPod dock with external battery pack - for instance of myPower!

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