Questions by Etienne2009-02-18
Nextodi 2700 - slow USB-connexion

I just bought a Nextodi 2700.
I use this drive to backup SDHC-cards but also to backup my PC at home.
I'm surprised to see that the USB-speed is really slow compared with my old VOSONIC XS-DRIVE PRO VP300 (to backup files from my PC on the Nexto).
It looks like the very small files (some Kb) take a long time to be copied.
Is it a consequence of the H/W-Verifiy function?
Could the transfer speed from PC to Nexto be higher if I would use an eSata connexion?


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Answer by NextoDI2009-02-23
If you use eSATA connection, it shall be more than 40MB/s.
For USB connection, it should be at least 25MB/s with proper PC connection. It means, copying 1GB to PC through USB takes about 1 minute.
Connect USB cable to the back side of PC. Front side USB port is not good for high speed USB device.
Also check your USB cable.
Answer by nappier2009-03-26
before buy an e-SATA card, read this post.... there's a limitation.
Answer by VMax2009-05-05
Also, to get high speed USB your computer needs to be USB 2.0 and not USB 1.1.

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