Questions by Richard Murai2009-02-17
"S"/"F" for Autoverify??
What does the "S" and "F" denote in the AutoVerify command?

And which does what?

Your manual cites either on (check) or off.

Why don't you include or upload an updated manual. Your USA retail outlet can't answer the questions.

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Answer by chris2009-03-19
"S" means sample verification which compare small portion of each files, "F" means full verification which compares all data of each file, while " " means no verification.
Answer by barry2009-03-19
Richard: Chris is absolutely correct
Answer by Richard Murai2009-03-28
Thanks guys. It took over a month to receive any response to my questions. So after using the 2700 during a recent one month project in Bhutan/SE Asia and wondering if the unit would work - which it did - with this level of on-line tech support (and extremely spotty in the USA - the distributor knows NOTHING about Nexto products) I would NEVER have purchased this unit. There are other alternatives that warrant consideration.

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