Questions by Richard Murai2009-02-17
External Battery
After charging the 2700 with the external NiPo battery connected and the red light goes out I presume that both are charged. As the indicator of the internal battery declines and I plug in the external there's no change in the level or any indication that it's attached.

How do I know what battery is operating the unit?
At what point should I attach the external?
How do I even know if the external has been charged adequately or at all?

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Answer by David22009-03-19
I have extreme with Hitachi 320 5400rpm hd installed. The Internal Li-poly battery survive upto 60GB of data backup and I think the external Li-Poly battery also supports upto 60GB. But in real world, the both battery should survive upto 50GB (x2=100GB), but it depends on what rpm's hdd u installed or how often you use backup etcs... so when you start using 2700 daily basis, you will get an idea when to plug-in wall adapter. hope this comment helps to get an idea.
Answer by nappier2009-03-26
I thought both internal & external battery support up to 80GB?? Check out product page on this website.
Answer by NextoDI2009-03-27
Both internal and external battery is used at the same time. And also charged same time
Answer by Richard Murai2009-03-28
When my battery indicator drops to 1/3 or so and I plug in my external battery the battery indicator stays at 1/3! Is the external working?!?! I would think that the battery indicator would reflect a fresh power source - if in fact the external is even charged.

Perhaps a basic lesson in charging both the Extreme and the external battery is in order? With the external attached to the Extreme I plug in the wall charger and wait until the light goes out. Is this correct?

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