Questions by Richard Murai2009-02-13
HDD Capacity and Password
Why is my ND2700/160GB displaying a max capacity of 149GB??

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Answer by chris2009-03-19
I am an owner of eXtreme. sorry to bother you but 149GB is absolutely correct. Why don't you check your laptop or desktop's internal hard disk capacity. tata
Answer by VMax2009-05-05
The 160Gb is the manufacturers unformated capacity. Depending on which Operating System and cluster \ sector size used during formatting this will decrease. This is because formatting the drive creates special sectors for FAT (file allocation tables) etc and in hence you are left with 149Gb of useable formatted drive space.
Answer by Jorge2009-08-29
There are two forms or copunt byte, one is decimal and the other
is binary

To sell the disk marketing uses decimal values eg. 500GB but that is 465 binary GB

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