Questions by Fridrich2009-01-08
Internal battery for ND2300
I cannot charge internal battery of ND 2300 Nexto-OTG Xpress . Is it possible to buy new one somewhere? Or how to change this battery? Should you help me, please?

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Answer by johnathan2009-01-16
An owner of a Nexto can order the battery to replace for himself. If he can not replace it for himself, he sends the Nexto to us or the distributor in the region for the RMA. Shipping cost for the RMA is charged.
Answer by Mark_Q2009-03-09
Also I do have charging problem with mz Nexto OTG ND 2300, which I bought about a year ago. Now I'm on holiday travel and can't backup my CF cards as battery is empty. As I connect the adapter the charging light won't turn on as earlier. If I turn ND 2300 on while it's connected to wall, quite soon empty battery icon appears and it turns itself off. How likely is this a matter of bad internal battery? Could there be other reasons? Very little used, never dropped or anything. Now I'm in crisis!

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