Questions by Gary Richardson2009-01-07
ND 2300 firmware upgrade problems
I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my Nexto CF OTG ND2300. The firmware has never been upgraded and is still as supplied as V1.032. After connecting the USB cable, pressing and holding the reset button then pressing and holding the copy button, after the initial "Nexto CF" screen, I get a message "Key input error" and then it powers off. What am I doing wrong?

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Answer by johnathan2009-01-16
Try to upgrade the ND2300 with another method to be sure!!
1. Connect the USB cable between the ND2300 and PC.
2. Click the "COPY" button to operate the ND2300.
3. Check the message "PC<->USB" in the display window.
4. Press and hold the "RESET" button.
(You can see the display window cleared)
3. Press and hold the "COPY" button to see some message "F/W.."
4. Release the "RESET" button and hold the "COPY" button.
5. Excute the upgrade program in the PC.
6. Click the "download" button in the upgrade program.
Answer by gabriel2012-08-04
Hi, I have the same problem. But the second option does not work as well. If I Press the RESET button nothing happens.

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