Questions by mattie2009-01-03
Problem copying to Nexto OTG 2300

I have had my Nexto OTG 2300 for a while... It has a 150 Gig disk in it.

The last couple of days I have been on a small trip and my Nexto still had 90 Gig free. When I started downloading my images from my CF card to the Nexto on the first day everything when as usual but after starting copying the screen just remained on "copying 0/139" and nothing happened.
I tried another card, same thing.

When I got home I tried via USB card reader, same thing.
I tried another card type via USB card reader, same thing.

I downloaded latest firmware, no effect

Then I formatted the disc and everything works again!

Not happy, does this mean that I cannot copy more than 60 Gig to the disc? I hate to think that this could happen on a long trip.

Please advice,

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Answer by johnathan2009-01-16
I think you had better format the CF card in the low level. and then check and use the CF card after being formatted in high level. If the CF card enable to write and read something, you can also use the CF card in the Nexto OTG(ND2300).

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