Questions by flightdeck2008-11-12
2700 OTG Error connect failed

I am trying to connect an external USB drive to the 2700. It is a Smartdisk Firelite 80 GB drive, with external power.

When I connect them, the 2700 shows "USB Detected". After 15 seconds, it beeps and shows "OTG Error! Connect Fail", and shuts off.

I have tried many many times, and only once was I able to connect to the USB drive successfully. That one time, I was able to browse the USB drive, and perform a Sync operation to copy files from the 2700 internal drive to the USB drive. All other times, I get the error.

I have tried replacing the USB cable, and it does not help. I have also updated the firmware to v1.06.

What is wrong? Please help, I am travelling to Antarctica next week and I need this to work urgently.


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Answer by flightdeck2008-11-13
Today I tried a different external drive, a brand new Smartdisk Firelite 250 GB drive, with external power, formated FAT32, etc.

When I connect them I have many problems, but with difference errors. Sometimes the 2700 shows "Unsupported USB Code: 0x00C0". Other times it shows "OTG Error! Connect Fail", just like the 80 GB drive.

Sometimes I can make it work by following a very specific procedure. I power on the 2700 with nothing connected. I then power on the external drive so it is just starting up immediately before I connect the USB OTG cable between the 2700 and the external drive. This seems to work most times. If I connect the devices in any other order, I get one of the errors above.

Why is this happening? What is the 2700 not working correctly?
Answer by johnathan2008-11-14
I think that it is correct to both connect the devices after powering on for the stable OTG interface. The devices have done to do some procedure after power on.

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