Questions by 21stHermit2008-11-02
OTG Locks Up w/ SDHC card/reader
I have the Nexto OTG ND2300 FW v 1.07 which I've used for CF only. Today I tried a SDHC card via USB OTG. I used a Super Talent ALL-IN-1 Card Reader, no Part or Model Number on the case. Link:
The SDHC card is a Transcend 8GB (6).

The Nexto appeared to copy all 117 files, it said remove the USB device. But upon removal the OTG would not respond to any short or long press and it stayed on. I allowed the battery to run down and then upon recharge it was back to normal.

I then upgraded to v1.25 and retested. While the OTG recognized the USB reader, it would NOT copy the files from the card and reverted to this locked up state. Pressing the reset button restored the OTG to normal.

I plugged the camera, Canon A710, into the OTG via USB and both the file download and the OTG behaved normally.

Clearly the Nexto OTG does not like the card reader. What do you advise?

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Answer by 21stHermit2008-11-04
It was suggested the Nexto had insufficient power to run the card reader. So I connected the AC adapter.

With the AC power adapter connected, the Super Talent card reader worked, read the files AND no Nexto lock up.

Now only the lock up concerns me, shouldn't do that.
Answer by NextoDI2008-11-07
Nexto-OTG has reset button at the left side of DC-IN connector.
The small rectangular hole is the reset button. Check your manual for that.
We do our best to remove that kind of lock up situation, but there are no 100% possible in the real world.
So if you see that again, then pls gently press that reset button using sharp and long pin. Nexto'll power off and you can use it again. This reset button also used at firmware upgrade.
Answer by 21stHermit2008-11-08
Thanks for the reply.

Did learn about the reset button from the upgrade from 1.07 to 1.25. As you suggest, pressing reset "unlocks" the OTG. However, the button is not labeled reset. Perhaps you could add that to a future version. I'll add a lebel to my OTG to remind me in the future.

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