Questions by Dirk2008-11-01
How to set date/clock in the 2700

1. on my nexto the clock seems to run wrong. It is 20081031 but it shows folder name 20081101 . How can i adjust that? I could not find a menu to set date and clock.

2. There seems to be a new entry in menu called "AutoVer" (i do not mean AutoVrfy). It can only be selected Autocopy or Autover. What is that "Autover" for?

Thanx a lot


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Answer by Dirk2008-11-01
Ah, okay found answer for question 2.
I switched to german menu. So "Autover" means "autoverschieben". I found out when i switched back to english ;-). There it is "automove". Now it is clear. Terrible language this german. (i am german ;-)) I will use english on the 2700 in future.

So, question 2 is solved.

Answer by johnathan2008-11-07
There is no clock for the time in the Nexto's products. Just it use the hidden meta information in the file header. The dates can be made by the camera when you make a picture with the camera.

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