Questions by Osrisis2008-10-20
Best HD Manufacturer for NextTo 2700
I just saw a notice from your web site which claims that all Western Digital and Seagate hard disk will have compatibility issues with Nexto product. So, Hard disk from which manufacturer is recommended?

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Answer by johnathan2008-10-26
You can use any HDD except which manufacturer is not recommeded. In my view, I want to recommend the HDD made by "HITACH". It has not yet occurred to have a problem about the compatiblity.
Answer by 111111111111112008-10-27
Answer by NextoDI2008-10-30
According to the test, following hard drive is better than others in performance and stability.
Following is the order of prefered hard drive.

1. Any Hitachi or Toshiba 2.5' hard drive
2. Any Fujitsu 2.5' hard drive
3. Any SAMSUNG 2.5' hard drive.(SAMSUNG hard drive should not be used with Nexto Video Storage)
4. Any Seagate 2.5' hard drive.
5. WesternDIgital hard drive is not recommended.

WesternDigital hard drive is not recommended because it's BEVE series is not compatible with Nexto-Ultra. Also it's BEVS series is so sensitive to shock and have tendency to generate error during back up with small shock.

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