Questions by athmam2008-10-12
Is extreme realy faster ??
I recently bought a new ND-2700 extreme to replace my old ND-2300, completed with a new SATA2 HDD of Fujitsu 250 GB 5400 rpm. I thought they were an extreme setup.

Yes it's not apple to apple. My old ND-2300 is completed with PATA HDD of Hitachi 160 GB 5400 rpm.

When I transfered all files from ND-2300 to ND-2700, first I copied them from ND-2300 to my NB (notebook) HDD, then from my NB HDD to ND-2700. Then for comparison, I tried copying from ND-2700 to NB HDD and from NB HDD to ND-2300. File size was 60GB

Here are my findings:

- from ND-2300 to NB HDD; avg transfer speed was 19 MBps
- from NB HDD to ND-2300; avg transfer speed was 13 MBps

- from ND-2700 to NB HDD; avg transfer speed was 24 MBps
- from NB NDD to ND-2700; avg tranfer speed was only 9 MBps

then I tried copying from CF card (Lexar Pro 133x 1GB) to ND-2300 and ND-2700, file size was 966 MB;

- ND-2300 in 75 s
- ND-2700 in 126 s

I found ND-2700 is faster from it to NB, but slower from NB to it, and also slower from CF to it compare to ND-2300.

Guys, how about your experiences ?? Is ND-2700 realy extreme ???


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Answer by johnathan2008-10-13
Dear Athman
Can I ask some questions about the speed test?
You may use some benchmak softwares for the performance.
Please, tell me the evironments in test.
ex> NB(Notebook) Spec -?
HDD Spec -SATA2 HDD of Fujitsu 250 GB 5400 rpm
(Add the model name)
Benchmak Softwares -?

Your results is like to our performance data without the "from NB HDD to ND-2700; avg tranfer speed was only 9 MBps". Maybe you may test the transper speed in verification mode. You can set the varification mode disable.
Answer by athmam2008-10-17
Dear Johnathan,

Sorry for late reply, I just come back from remote site.

- NB is Lenovo y510, Intel Core 2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 GB, HDD 250 GB, Vista Home Premium
- ND-2700 HDD is Fujitsu MHZ2250BH
- benchmark software; I did not use a special software, just looked at the popup of Vista when copying, which show us the detail info during copying including the transfer rate and estimate time.


Answer by NextoDI2008-10-29
Nexto-eXtreme and Nexto-OTG is using same main IC. So the USB transfer rate to/from PC of Nexto is the same. The difference of PC I/F speed may have come from the hard drive.

And the back up speed. Nexto-eXtreme supports UDMA based memory cards while other Nexto does not support it(including Nexto-OTG). So if you using faster memory card such as Sandisk Extreme4 or x266 or x300 CF from CF vendor, then you can see Nexto-eXtreme is fastest.
The Lexar CF you using is x133 CF. That CF does not work at UDMA, but can operates in PIO6 mode.
Nexto-OTG supports PIO6 but Nexto-eXtreme does not support PIO6. That's why you see Nexto-OTG is faster than Nexto-eXtreme for that CF. If you using non UDMA CF, you may no able to see all the performance of Nexto-eXtreme.
Answer by VMax2009-05-05
Also, transer speeds can appear to be slower if you are running anti-virus software, because some types of anti-virus software scan data whilst it is being transferred. Good anti-virus software scans data prior to transfer, however there are some badly coded software out there that does it in blocks during the transfer process through USB, etc.

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