Questions by a7m72008-10-06
ND2325 M1 V1.07 hangs in PC <-> USB mode
I regulary use my ND2325 as external USB drive to backup and sychronise data. Recently, I observed that some folders and/or their whole content disappeared from the Windows explorer (XP) without any error message after several minutes or hours of USB connection. When I look at the properties of the external drive, the 160GB disc appears nearly empty when it should be half-full. After disconnecting and reconnecting, all data are shown once more. I tried several USB ports and cables, but the problem is reproducable.
This is quite alarming as my data are not save on the device, and I once deleted most of my Phd work because the error occured during synchronisation - fortunately, I had a second backup!
What can I do? Any ideas?

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Answer by johnathan2008-10-10
Thank you for using our procuct!
Can you one more confirm the firmware version 1.07?
If it is version 1.07, you must check the USB connection, you have to use the USB cable supplied by the ND2325 to be stable in communication. And you have to use the PC's USB connector in the rear side.
Answer by johnathan2008-10-10
And After then you occur to take the same problems. You can check the "Power Scheme" settings for the hard disk.
(Control Panel -> Display Properties -> Screen Saver -> Power -> Power Scheme -> Settings for BatteryMgr-Normal power scheme -> "Turn off hard disk")
Answer by a7m72008-10-10
Hi Jonathan,
thank you for your answers. Firmware is V1.07. "turn of hard disk" is disabled. I connected the device to the rear USB port this morning and I had no problems so far. If this is the solution, I wonder why the front USB ports are more instable than the rear ones. But if it works... thanks!
Answer by johnathan2008-10-13
Hi a7m7.

The rear USB port use to extend the cable form a "Mainboard". You know that a USB interface is a high-speed communication. So it need to avoid the environments for "Signal Noise".
Answer by matt2009-04-25
This is a power problem. All external HDD require too much power - use a "twin tail" usb cable or keep nexto powered from the AC adapter.

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