Questions by Mat2008-10-04
ND2525 - unable to get it to work!
I received my ND2525 today, and installed the Western Digital hard drive (Western Digital 250GB 2.5" Hard Drive IDE 5400rpm 8MB Cache).

It was initially difficult to install the hard drive, as there is no guide as to which way round the hard drive must be installed (it could fit either way), however it must be installed correctly as it spins up when I power ND2525 on.

I follow the instructions very carefully to format the disk, however I do not receive the "Disk Format Error" screen that I should, according to the manual.

The screen simply says "Nexto-UX V1.04 [L] P_off"

There is no option to format the drive, however when I insert CF card, the same is displayed. If I press the button, nothing happens. If I hold the button, it powers off.

There are no other options! I am left with a backup device that is supposed to be reliable, but doesn't work!

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Answer by Mat2008-10-04
Oh dear.

I have just seen that the Western Digital drive is a BEVE drive, and these are not compatible (

I wish I had known this before I purchased the drive, however there was no way of knowing this.
Answer by Mat2008-10-04
I am very disappointed, it seems the firmware update for Nextodi 23xx solves this problem, but there isn't one for 2525.

I have searched online and cannot find any information about this "bug" with the Western Digital drive.

I am quite angry about this, because I purchased a 250GB hard drive for the Nextodi 2525, and I have tried to return the item but the shop will not take it back, because the hard drive is not faulty.

Answer by johnathan2008-10-10
I am very sorry for you to be disappointed about our products. We supply the products included the Hard disk and not. If you can buy the included HDD, you can surely use it without the comparabilty problems. But If you select the product without a HDD, you have to see the HDD for the comparability. Anyway, We are sorry to be disappointed about. And thank you for using ND2525.

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