Questions by andik2008-10-01
Full disk encryption on Nextodi ND2700
I lost in the train an external harddisk (not the ND2700).

Is it possible to run the ND2700 with an Full Disk Encryption Harddisk, to protect private data (like Images)?
For example you plugin an USB Stick (which contains the Key for the Harddisk) to the ND2700 (with USB Host Cable) and after this process the ND2700 start up and work correctly? Do you know if it's possible to develop such a very big "Feature"?

Thanks for the great Imagetank ND2700.


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Answer by johnathan2008-10-05
ND2700 doen't support Encription Harddisk, and have no plans about yet.
Answer by R&D2008-10-30
May be we can try that. Seems good suggestion.
Answer by e-l-Diablo2008-10-31
Not really. FAT32 does not support encryption (NTFS, ext2, ext3..)
Encryption could be done using 3rd party tools (NEXTO maybe). During copy to PC decrypt, slower speed.
Answer by andik2008-11-04
Thanks for the answer. I have here a Full Encryption Harddisk. The only the i need is a menue with letters/numbers and a password field, to activate the FDE. But i think it's not easy to develop these features?

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