Questions by Joe2007-06-03
MAC OSX Compatibility
Hi all, I have a ND2300. It connects ok with PC laptop but not recogised by my Apple Macbook. Do you have the same experience? If so, any driver available to fix this????


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Answer by NextoDI2007-06-04
Did you use any other external HDD with your notebook?
I think there is possibility of power. I suggest try to connect Macbook to ND2300 with included AC power adapter.
Answer by Joe2007-06-05
I did use the supplied AC power adaptor but make no different. Did you test the HDD with MAC machine.
Answer by Joe2007-06-08
Any chance of a reply? Just tell me if it does not work. I just have to trash the HDD and buy another one from someone who cares about their customers.
Answer by NextoDI2007-06-09
1. Check your Mac Book connected AC Adapter
2. It may be related in F/W. What is your F/W version
Answer by Joe2007-06-11
Checked the AC adaptor. This is not a power related problem. I donwloaded the latest firmware 1.22 from the site but STILL no lucky. I checked the HD supplied, it is a Hitachi TravelStar 160G. I tried a 80G version from Hitachi as well. Same problem. However if I connect the HD with another USB enclosure (from another make), the MAC recognise the HD (same HD) with no problem.

In case you ask, I did a FORMAT HD using the feature in my ND2300 but this DOES NOT help.

I agree with you that this is a FW issue, please check this out using a MACBOOK (I checked this with my colleague who has the same MACBOOK, same results) and you will find the problem very quickly. Once it is fixed, I sure you can tell all the MAC user that I had the problem and it is now fixed with FW xxx. I dont mind to be your reference customer... If you can fix the problem of course.

Answer by R&D2007-06-11
We tested Nexto-OTG is working with MAC OS 10.4.
What is your OS version?
It can be compatibility issue according to the MAC OS version.
Check if Nexto-OTG is working at OS9.2

Also check what you see at [System profiler]->[Hardware]->[USB].
Can you see USB2.0 storage at there?

Also change your USB cable to the one provided with Nexto-OTG.
MAC Book may have many USB ports. Are you tested at all those USB ports?
Answer by MT2007-06-26
I have a MacBook OS X 10.4 Tiger and the NEXTO ND 2300 with 160Gb Hitachi HDD. The same happens here after the latest security update from Apple; I can't access the NEXTO anymore. In system profiler I do see a USB2.0 storage.

Anyone knows how to fix this? This is not fun, my holiday pictures are on the nexto and I can't access them.

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