Questions by Francois L2008-09-24
Nexto 2700 is having difficulties transfering NEF files

I just received my new Nexto. I've installed a Hitachi Travelstar 200GB 7k200 rpm HD.
My computer configuration is an AMD Opteron 175 on an Asus A8N SLI deluxe board.
I transfer the data using the USB port. I select the files I want and copy paste them to the desired folder.

The Nexto is having no problems transfering JPEG images and it does so very quickly. However, transfering over 20 NEF (aroung 9 MO each) makes the whole process very very slow.

If I do select a bigger number of files, let's say 100 to 200 NEF files, the transfer crawls to an end and prevent any further transfers or browsing unless the device is shut down and restarted. The message i get is the following :

Cannot copy DSC__0114: Cannot find the specified file
Make sure you specify the correct path and file name

I don't know if this problem was adressed to you before. I find this device very handy. I'm a few days away from a 4 months travel and would like having full confidence in this wonderful backup system.

I'm eagerly awaiting you reply,


François Lavertu

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Answer by johnathan2008-10-05
You know that the "NEF" file is very bigger than the JPEG called as "raw file". So it is too slow to copy.
The message for "Cannot copy DSC__0114" may show in the unstable USB communication. If you want to be more stable in PC connection, you have to connect to the USB Port in the rear side of the computer body.

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