Questions by EB-12008-09-05
ND-2700 Full Disk
Why is it that there is no error message when the hard drive is approaching full and copying begins? For example, I copied 464 GB of files from CF cards to the HD. There was 1.6GB free. When I started to copy an 8GB card the ND-2700 started preparing to copy, but sat forever without stopping or reporting an error message. Is that normal? I would expect some error message to warn if there is insufficient disk space for the amount of data on the card.

Thanks, EB-1

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Answer by NextoDI2008-09-09
In this case, after fill up 1.6GB, ND2700 looking for the free space. If your hard drive is 500GB, then the search time may be about 2~3minute. After that, ND2700 generates error message indicating 'no more free space'. It's quite long time, so you may be cancel by yourself before the search of free space complete.
Sure. ND2700 generates error if there are no more free space. But the detection time takes very long for large capacity hard drive.

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