Questions by retry2008-09-03
Next DI-2700 hangs on transfer
I'm having trouble transferring via esata. The transfer begins at full speed (40mb/s +) and then hangs for several seconds and then resumes at greatly reduced speed (< 4mb/s). From there on the transfer resumes in short spurts, but mostly the transfer just hangs. The HD is Hitachi L98360 (360GB 7200rpm). Nexto DI-2700 firmware 1.03 (from factory -- I have not updated firmware). My OS is Windows XP x64 but I get the same behaviour on Windows XP 32bit.

Any thoughts?

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Answer by postmaster2008-09-04
First, I'm sorry to have your trouble transferring via e-SATA.
Can I ask some questions?
I want to confirm your transferring environments.
you must use the e-SATA ports to be supported by your "Mainbord".
You know that the transfer resumes at greatly reduced speed for noise and so on,
If you use the general SATA ports with the extention cable to support e-SATA.
I will be appreciated to in detail describe your transferring environments including your mainboard specifications for e-SATA.

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