Questions by Gethin2008-08-20
Nexto 2700 and WD BEVS drives?
i've read that Nexto Extreme is not compatible with WD BEVE drives, however, i'm wondering if it will work with WD BEVS or BEVT drives?

In particular, i'm looking at the Western Digital 320G SATA 5400RPM (WD3200BEVT) .

thanks and hope to hear from you soon! i want to buy one of these things!


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Answer by Bret2008-08-24
I don't know about the BEVT but I bought a wd1600bevs with my 2700 and it locked up almost every time I transferred data to it. I put the seagate drive from my ps3 in it and that has been working flawlessly. Looks like an incompatible drive to me as the bevs is now in my ps3 and working perfectly there.
Answer by gethin2008-08-26
cheers Bret... hmmm, seems Nexto aren't going to get back to me..

maybe i'll get it anyway and test it out, and if worst comes to worst, i too will stick in my ps3 and find a seagate or somethin for the nexto.
Answer by Photografos2008-08-26
Hi gethin, I too have a BEVS in my 2700 and I encountered a few problems / lockups... I haven't received any answer from Nexto yet but I'm going to switch to Seagate HDD and if I were you I wouldn't risk going with WD drives.
Answer by Gavin2008-08-30
Can someone from NextoDI confirm this? I plan on using an existing Western Digital BEVS drive. An official statement would be most appreciated.
Answer by NextoDI2008-09-01
Nexto-eXtreme is compatible with BEVS hard drive. But this hard drive is very sensitive to the shock and if you give any small shock during the transfer, than it'll result in copy fail. We are making new firmware to overcome this problem and with that new firmware(may be firmware V1.04) shall solve the problem.
Answer by EB-12008-09-06
Yes. I use a Western Digital 320GB SATA 5400RPM (WD3200BEVT) in my third (backup) ND-2700 enclosure. If you need maximum capacity like I do, the 500GB Samsung M6 works fine, too. :)


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