Questions by nosnoop2008-08-17
Unable to do incremental copy (Extreme)
Just received my Extreme with 1.03 firmware (newer than the downloadable one).

But I am just not able to do incremental copy. The menu "Update:" is set to enabled (with a tick). I copied the card, remove it and put it in the digital camera, take one more picture, put the card back in. After parsing, I am only offered "Copy or Move" option. Is there anyway to force it to do incremental copy?

Would incremental copy work with AVCHD camcorder SD card? Would it work on different days? (because the backed up folder is named from the date)


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Answer by NextoDI2008-09-01
Some camera or camcoder make change to the hidden file which they store their configurations.
In this case, the update does not work.

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