Questions by BENSOUSSAN2008-08-16
internal battery of nd2700
Good morning
we can easily change the internal battery of nd-2700 ?
Have you an importer in france ?
thank you

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Answer by NextoDI2008-09-01
You need to un-screw 8 screws for changing the internal battery.
But ND2700 has optional external battery and that's quite easy to replace.
Answer by liamtoh12008-09-02
According to specifications the internal battery is Li-Poly 1550mAH and the external battery is Li-Poly 2200mAH.

I do not see an accessory (Internal Battery) that can be purchased for this unit Extreme 2700. I your website and also a dealer (
Answer by EB12008-09-04
I also have the same problem in the US with finding replacement batteries for Nexto units. Apparently the Lithium Polymer battery used in the 2770 and most other models is 604261 (dimensions 6.0mm*42mm*61mm), but it is not available anywhere.
Answer by bodyshots2008-12-06
1. This may be a problem in the long run. Nexto or anyone else know where we can get a spare/replacement Internal battery? I'm not too keen on the external battery option.

2. I have another question on the use of batteries. If I were to use the Nexto primarily as an external HDD, can I have the unit powered solely by the USB interface? I.e. with internal batteries removed, or completely flat.

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