Questions by Arnoud2008-08-13
Nexto1 ND 2325 & Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 doesn't recognise the ND 2325.
Tried different USB ports & cables, nothing works.
Same device & cables work fine on Vista (x64/x32)!
Will there be support added for this device on Windows Server 2008 (by firmware/driver?).
I'd really love to use this device to transport some large files to a 2008 server, rather not burn all this data to DVD's or something like that.

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Answer by NextoDI2008-08-14
Some server needs admin previlege for external hard drive connection. I doubt it's the case.
Pls check at the
right click at [My computer] -> Click management -> Select [Disk management]
And see if there are Nexto.
Answer by Arnoud2008-08-24
Nope, there aren't any disks.

I have also tried to disable the UAC (User Account Control) to be sure this din't provide an issue.
Also the domain admin doesn't make the NextoM1 work.
Answer by Arnoud2008-09-02
Answer by Arnoud2008-09-10
Can anyone please provide me with an anwser if the ND 2325 is supported in Windows 2008 or not?
Answer by Arnoud2008-10-15
Really no one?

-1 for support...
Answer by Arnoud2009-03-19
Still no one?
Answer by Arnoud2009-06-18
Issue still exists, even with Service Pack 2 installed.

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