Questions by Kim2008-08-11
ATA compability

I am considering buying one of your products. I have a Hitachi travelstar model HTS541080G9AT00 5400rpm ATA/IDE drive, will this drive work with your products? I noticed your products can use SATA and PATA, however I dont know what the difference is:)

An extra Q, What product will u propose when im going to use it to upload my CF card from my Canon 40d (RAW)? I suppose that all your products are quite fast for an amateur like me:)



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Answer by NextoDI2008-08-14
Your hard drive is PATA.
So you should use with one of ND2525/ND2325/ND2300.
ND2700 supports only the SATA hard drive, so it's not compatible with your hard drive.

If you use CF only, you can use all of above.
But if you considering using SD or other type memory card, you had better to choose ND2325. ND2300/ND2525 does not have built in SD memory slot.

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