Questions by Bret2008-08-10
ND2700 locking up while transferring
I just purchased an ND2700 and it is locking up while transferring data from my CF cards. I have tried 3 different cards. Sometimes it locks up almost right away, sometimes it locks up when it's almost finished. I have Western Digital 160gb drive in it. I have tried reflashing the firmware on the unit and it is still doing the same thing.

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Answer by Bret2008-08-10
HD is a Western Digital wd1600bevs
Answer by nosnoop2008-08-15
The answer to your question is in the FAQ:

"But all BEVE series of WesternDigital 2.5' HDD(ex. WD1600BEVE) is not compatible with Nexto-Series because of their bug on implementing cable selected device numbering."
Answer by gethin2008-08-20
does that mean that WD BEVS is compatible? i think BEVS is Sata and BEVE is IDE.
Answer by Bret2008-08-24
It looks like the BEVS is not compatible. I took the seagate hd from my ps3 and tried using that in the nd2700. It is working perfectly. The unit locked up almost everytime I used the Western Digital drive but with the seagate I have transferred about 5gb of data to it at least once a day for almost a week now and had no issues at all. It looks like the faq is incorrect.

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