Questions by stephan2008-08-02
External battery Usage
Hi !

I have a ND2700 and an external li-ion battery. How shall I use them best. Shall I run the device without external battery until its internal battery is empty and then plug-in the external one or shall I always use both in combination ?

kind regards & thanks for that great device!

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Answer by NextoDI2008-08-14
Always use both.
That'll make best long battery usage and extend battery life.

ND2700 shall charge and use from both battery at the same time.
Answer by Michael2010-02-19
Hi I got a problem using my nexto di 2700 with my external battery packs. They don´t seem to charge at all (I bought 10 packs because I will be out on my self for some time).
How do i properly charge them and how can I be sure that they are completely charged. Whenever I connect my Nexto with AC the light is red. But whenever I connect a external (Li-ion 3.7 2200mAH NextoDi) battery to it. Nothing seems to happen.

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