Questions by Robert2008-07-29
Nexto 2700 OTG support for flash memory

Nowadays, we can find a lot of different USB keys going up to 32 GB. (mostly 16GB).
What I would like to know is if the OTG port of the Nexto will succesfully recognize this kind of keys (formatted on FAT32 sure) and will be able to power supply theses keys.
I don't know if there is some correlation between the capacity and the power consumption for an usb key ? Kind of, more space you have more energy you need?
I saw also at Lacie website ( ) this kind of 'keys' (about 30-40gb), I suppose this is a flash memory inside. Do you think it will be recognized by the OTG port ? What technical parameter do I have to check especially before I purchase this kind of keys ?



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Answer by NextoDI2008-08-14
The capacity of USB memory is not matter for ND2700. ND2700 can provide enough power to external USB memory which consume less than 500mA.(But it does not provide enough power for external USB hard drive). The only possible problem is, the sector size of some USB memory exceeds 512 byte. If it's this case, ND2700 cannot work with that memory even if it is formatted as FAT32.

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