Questions by jia2007-05-31
fail to upgrade the firmware
i just bought the Nexto OTG ND2300 and it comes with v1.03 amd then i tried to upgrade the firmware to firmware V1.21 and OTG Xpress V1.03

i tried to upgrade both because they don't work both.

for the v1.21, when i finish upgrading, and the LCD of the nexto just show the Nexto v.1.21 and can't go anything except turn it off.

for the OTG Xpress V1.03, when i finish upgrading, it just show that Nexto Xpress V1.03 and also can't do or press anything.. i can't browse anything

finally i want to use the version that i got at the first time when i got my Nexto.. so i tried to reset it by turn nexto on and then press reset, but everytime when i press the reset buttom, the Nexto will turn it off automatically..

someone please help me

thank you very much

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Answer by NextoDI2007-05-31
Would you give us more information...
1. When do you get ND2300?
2. What is firmware version when you got it?
3. I wonder if HDD is connected to ND2300?

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