Questions by Tom Reeve2008-07-29
Is my new 2700 dead? (needed for trip)
I received a HDD (Samsung 500gb) to put in my new 2700 (v. 1.02) today. The 2700 recognized the disk and offered to format it. I attached the AC adapter and ran the format. Then I ran a "full" HDD diagnostic which beeped with success after a few hours. I turned off the unit and left it on the AC charger to finish charging the battery.

An hour or so later, with the red "charging" LED still lit, I tried to turn the unit on but it will not respond. I have tried it with and without the AC adapter, pressing the reset button and tried re-seating the HDD. Holding down the button will not wake up the machine. Am I missing something? How do I turn the unit back on? Or is it dead? I even tried a different HDD without success.

Of course, I'm leaving on the trip that I purchased the 2700 for in just over 2 days.


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Answer by Tom Reeve2008-07-29
After resting overnight, off the charger, the 2700 seems to work this morning. I'll be giving it lots of exercise before taking it traveling. Could their be a heat issue when on the charger? I'm open to ideas that might help avoid the lock-out I had.
Answer by NextoDI2008-08-14
We don't offer car charger for ND2700. What car charger did you used? The cigar jack charger of previous ND2500 is not compatible with ND2700. You should use smart car charger which output 5V.

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