Questions by Cliff2008-07-24
problem with battery pack charging ND-2700
I recently ordered an ND-2700 and external battery pack that takes AA batteries from However, the battery pack adapter is too large to fit into the "battery" plug receptor on the ND-2700. It only fits into the "AC" plug receptor.

Therefore, I tried to charge my ND-2700 two different ways:

First, I tried to charge it while it is turned off and the battery pack is turned on and plugged into the AC plug receptor. However, this had no effect on helping charge the ND-2700's internal battery.

Second, I used a knife to enlarge the "battery" plug receptor on the ND-2700, then plugged in the battery pack and left it turned on for several hours. Again, this had no effect on helping charge the ND-2700's internal battery. (I took this desparate measure because I'm currently on a photo assignment in the Caucasus Mountains along the border of Chechnya, and I have to get my ND-2700 working!)

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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-25
I don't know what AA battery pack you are using. We don't make/sell AA battery pack.
The ND2700 can work with AA battery(four AA(1.5V) battery) pack at the DC-IN jack. You should not connect it to the 'BAT' connector.
The 'BAT' connector is for optional external Li-ion battery we are selling for battery power extention.

The voltage of brand new battery is about 1.64V. So four AA battery makes 6.56V(4x1.64). But ND2700 has internal over-voltage detection logic for protection. It cut outs from 6V.
That's why you cannot make it work.
If you want to use the battery pack, follow this.
1) Power on the ND2700 first.
2) Connect the battery pack.
3) Wait till auto power off of ND2700
4) Now you'll see the charge LED lid.

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