Questions by Bill Miller2008-07-18
Firmware upgrade fails OTG Express
The ND2300 is set for upgrade screen displays "FW Upgrade". When program EndUser attempts to download, OTG powers off screen goes blank.

ND2300 is connected to Power 110v and USB.

Firmware is corrupted according to screen

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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-23
You have to hold the 'COPY' button during the download process.
See ReadMe file included in the download package for detail.
And don't worry for the 'Firmware Corrupt' message.
You can upgrade the firmware even in that case.
Answer by Bill Miller2008-07-24
This has been done. It looses the connection at about 21%. Holding the "Copy" button does not help. "Download failure. Please check power cable and USB cable"

How can the firmware be updated and the unit working again?????
Answer by NextoDI2008-07-25
I think you tried several times.
But if you see the 'download failure' message at 21% of process, that looks you temporaly released the button at that point.
Even in temporal loose of the key may cause download failure.
Answer by Bill2008-07-27
That did not happen. It always happens at 21%. So how can I get this unit to work again
Answer by Bill2008-07-27
Sometimes the computer will not recognize the device.

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