Questions by Robert2008-07-09
Nexto EXTREME 2700 unsupporting ext. harddisk

I have connected to my Nexto Extreme two different disc by the OTG USB port ( I wanted to copy data from nexto to theses disc).
Both of them are the 2,5" / 80 GB/ 5400 Harddrive mounted in the AluSlim case USB 2.0 and alimented by the external power supply and formatted FAT32.
The first one is the Seagate (+5V/0,487mA), this one works perfectly and was recognized without any problems. The second one which is Fujitsu (+5V/0,6mA) was not recongnized and my Nexto displayed the ERROR : "Unsupported USB : 0x0010".
What can be the problem ? The Nexto seems to be quite sensitive to the hardisc .. is it the problem with the power consumption or something like this (instead i have powered the external disc)?


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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-11
The error code 0x0010 means FAT_INVALID_SIGNATURE.
It happens when your hard drive is not correctly formatted to FAT32.
So format the Fujitsu hard drive to FAT32 again, and try once again.

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