Questions by Robert2008-06-28
Battery status displayed

I can see on my NE2700 the battery status icon.
Once fully charged it shows two portions full.
Than I suppose when i see only one portion, that means 50 % of energy left.
Than the portions dissapear and I see only the battery icon lines (empty so) blinking.
That means so it left me how many times to use it once it blinks (something like 10% or less) ?

Other question, if instead of empty battery blinking I would start the copy process, than it will stop I suppose as the battery will discharge completely, but is there some risk for my data on my CF card, once the transfer is interrupted by the power shut down ?


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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-03
If you see it's empty, it'll copy about 2GB.

No. The data on the CF card is completly safe.
Also the data saved on the hard drive till that point shall completly safe. Nexto make it safe before it shut down.

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