Questions by Robert2008-06-28
Charging Nexto & battery mode

1/ I have receievd a NEXTO Extreme 2700, when I read the manual you say " the battery is charged only when NEXTO is switched off ". Is it true or it can charge at the same time
I use it ?
I mean when I plug the power supply to NEXTO, first the button becomes red, that means so he is in charge, than I switch on Nexto and the button is half red and half green and the small Icon "e" appears. That means so that the charging of the battery is still operating or that means simply that I'm using the energy from my power adaptor but he doesn't charge ?
2/ The same thing for the USB : once plugged in the computer, does it charge the battery during my work with my computer? The power button is on red so I suppose yes ?? Or it charge only pugged to the computer but Nexto must be switched off ?
3/ And what about the battery connection. When I use the battery ( I have the I-UP5400 from U2o ), when it is connected to the battery connector and Nexto is swithced off, nothing happens (no button in red), so I suppose no charging. But once I switch on the Nexto, I can see the battery Icon full (juste before, this icon was empty). That means I suppose, that Nexto is showing that I have full battery energy on my U2o battery ??

thanks you
otherwise this is a great product, really made for professional's users, bravo !

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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-03
At firmware version V1.0, it charges the battery when external power connected(either USB or power adapter).
But this introduced some not good side effect, so at V1.02 we don't charge when USB connected and power on state.
The 'e' mark means external power.
We still charge when power adapter and power on stage for user convinience.
So you are right. The manual should be changed to "the battery is charged when NEXTO is is switched off. and also when the power adapter connected and power on state."
3. YES. The battery gauge showes higher voltage between internal and external battery. Be careful when using your external battery. If you fail the polarity of external battery, then it'll damage the charger circuitry. So no longer able to charge internal battery again.

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