Questions by C. Sehrt2008-06-25
ND-2700 Update Problem
No Problems until starting EndUser.exe

A Dialog pops up and says: ' No Device Connected Please Plug the Device into USB Port and try again. '

I tried different USB Ports, with or without USB-Hubs but same problem appeared every time I tried.
I also tried to update with FW 1.01 but it did not work too.

Kindly Regards


Win XP SP2
Intel Pentium D 930
USB 2.0
no eSATA

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Answer by NextoDI2008-07-03
You have to make the ND2700 into firmware upgrade mode first.
See the ReadMe file insode the upgrade kit.
Push both 'copy' button and 'reset' button of ND2700 at the same time.
Then the ND2700 goes into firmware upgrade mode and show you 'FW_Update M1_MP'.
Only in that mode, you can upgrade the firmware.

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