Questions by Michael2007-05-30
cf init error! with 16gb extreme III
i keep getting this error on my nexto OTG and i dont know what to do.

please help

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Answer by NextoDI2007-05-30
What is your firmware version. We recommend you F/W update by latest version v1.21.
You can find this F/W at [download]
Answer by Michael2007-05-30
it is 1.21
Answer by Michael2007-05-31
any advice?
Answer by NextoDI2007-05-31
That error means that CF memory is not formatted properly or may have some hardware problem.
If other CF memories have no problem with ND2300, at first check filesystem in FAT32.

After doing data backup, erase CF card by using utility( ex, cardwiper) , and reformat.
In addition, refer to article of 5 in this Board .
Answer by Michael2007-05-31
i have wiped my card numerous times with a couple of programs, just one last thing before i give up on the card, should i try to reformat the hard drive within the 2300?

Thanks for your help
Answer by Michael2007-06-05
ok, here's the deal i just got another 2 16gb cards, and they both do not work.... it has to be the OTG-2300

i read on dpreview's forums that older FW worked with the 16gb cards, where can download the old firmware?

Answer by R&D2007-06-07
There was a CF size limit bug on OTG V1.20, V1.21 firmware.
New firmware shall be release today.

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