Questions by Robert2008-06-18
Nexto EXTREME 2700

I have two questions :

1/ how the nexto works with the external battery ? I have to replace the battery inside the device or I plug the new battery trought the battery connector? And what about to charge this external battery .. do I charge it conneceted trought the device .. and that means than once the electricity is plugged it first charge the internal battery than the external one ?

2/ OTG functionality.
Is it possible to make a backup from the EXTREME 2700 to the other HD connected by the OTG USB port ?
Concret example, after I shooted the pictures I would like to back up the content of your device. So I simply plug the new USB portable hardisk to the OTG port of 2700 and it will copy all the data from 2700 to the connected disk?
And what about the power consumption.. I have to do this operation outside so no electricity.. I suppose that the Extreme 2700 will not charge the new disk connected so I need to use a disc which has already it's own power supply ( like the second Nextro or other manufacturer's one)

Thanks you

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Answer by NextoDI2008-06-23
1. Nexto has rechargeable internal battery. Also there are optional rechargeable external battery. Just connect the external battery to the [BAT] connector of Nexto. Nexto charge and use it simultaneously with the internal battery.
2. OTG Connection.
YES. It supports external hard drive connection. But the external hard drive should be formatted as FAT32. Note that Windows does not format the hard drive bigger than 32GB as FAT32. So you should use special SW like partitionmagic.
ND2700 has [SYNC] function which automaticaly SYNC data between ND2700 and external hard drive.
You need to connect power supply of the target device.

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