Questions by Miri2008-06-10
Nexto doesn't recognize CF card
I've been working with Nexto for about 2 years with exact same CF card (and camera, if any matter). Suddenly, Nexto doesn't recognize the CF card anymore; in fact, it displays "PC USB", as if it was connected to the computer. I tried to re-plug it to the computer, and then disconnected it again, but it doesn't halp. No matter how I turn on Nexto (not connected to PC and with catd, same but without card, etc.), it always shows the indication for pc connection, and doesn't recognize the card.
I'm using Nexto 2300, V1.03.


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Answer by Nexto2008-06-10
For ND2300, that happens when USB power protection IC goes out of order.
It needs HW fix.
Answer by Miri2008-06-10
Oh... should I send it to your labs? that's very bad news for me...

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