Questions by Dar'io Guzik2007-05-27
Booting from nexto-OTG *2300)
Hi! I'd like to know if you can make a NEXTO-OTG bootable. It is not recognized by any motherboard I tried as a bootable device.


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Answer by NextoDI2007-05-29
1. Basically, WIN XP do not support booting by external HDD.
WIN XP cognizes the external HDD device, but next process is not available after choice of drive. So, Booting by external HDD is impossible.

2. Linux supports booting by external HDD.

3. As you knew, MAC can do that.
Answer by tioborracho2007-06-02
I know that linux can boot from external HDD, but the problem is that My nexto-otg is not being recognized by the motherboard as a bootable device.
I have a USB pendrive that boots ok, and is detected by the mother as a bootable device, but not NExto otg. Don't know if it has something to do with how partitions are configured or if the MBR has a boot loader
Answer by tioborracho2007-07-27
Please confirm that NEXTO can boot directly as an external device.
I have a generic MP3 that is recognized as an external bootable device by my motherboard (MSI K9N Neo-F) but my NexTo 2300 isn't

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