Questions by Yuri2008-05-27
Cannot delete some folders on ND-2700
I am unable to delete some folders (card backups) from my ND-2700 from both the internal browser and PC via USB.

The display says delete fail and after that i get a browser fail (error 0x0063)

All folders i get this with are backups of my Nokia N95 memory-card.

How can i solve this without formatting my harddrive?


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Answer by NextoDI2008-06-02
0x0063 means there are some error during FAT cluster chaining.
Try to delete each file contained in the folder. Then try to run 'chkdsk' at the DOS commander.
Answer by Bruce2008-06-04
In Windows, you can't delete a folder while you're browsing it. Go out of the folder, and delete it from there.
Answer by yuri2008-06-05
Thanx for replying.

unfortunately deleting single files is not working, on the PC (Windows and Linux) I simply can't delete them and with the internal browser i get the same error when i enter the folder containing the file(s).

I'll try to run the checkdisk but i think it's not gonna solve the problem unless there are some major errors on the disk (is a HDD surface scan part of the full test?)


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