Questions by dlmphotog2008-05-24
copy from a Nexto Ultra to a Nexto OTG
Is there a way to copy from a Nexto Ultra (2525) to a Nexto OTG (2300)?

I did a search but could not find anything.

I followed the instruction for the OTG and it looks like it knows there is a USB device and the Ultra goes into USB-PC mode when I plug in the USB cord then does a quick shutdown. The OTG then gives me a failure notice.

I was looking to backup the Ultra to the OTG.


David L. Moore
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Answer by NextoDI2008-05-24
Nexto-OTG can back up or SYNC Nexto-Ultra.
You need to connect power adapter to Nexto-Ultra when back up to Nexto-OTG.
Nexto-Ultra draws a lot of power from USB and this makes power related error as you see.
Answer by dlmphotog2008-05-25
Yes it works!


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