Questions by dave edwards2008-05-18
nexto extreme OTG connection to MP3 player

I was thinking I should be able to connect my mp3 player to the ND2700 via the OTG connection to be able to use the nextodi to hold a large music library, but the Nexto says OTG Error No Memory when I try and connect them. The mp3 player is a samsung P2. Should this be able to work?


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Answer by NextoDI2008-05-21
Nexto-eXtreme may or may not support MP3 player.
If the sector size of MP3 player is 512 byte, then ND2700 can support it. But if the sector size of MP3 player is not 512 byte, then we cannot support it.

May be the sector size of your MP3 player is not 512 byte.
That's why it does not work.

Officialy, we does not support MP3 player.

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