Questions by stefano2008-05-13
Nexto Ultra ND2525 and SDHC to CF card adapters
I tried to use my Nexto Ultra with the JOBO SE9108 SD/SDHC to CF card adapter (with a 4GB SDHC card).
It did not work, I suppose they are not compatible.

I would like to use a CF size adapter (for SDHC cards).

I found others like Panasonic BN-CSDACP3 and PHOTOFAST CR-7000.

Anyone knows if they work with Nexto ND2525?

Any other adapter to suggest?
(I would like an adapter smaller than the Nexto optional 17in1 adapter).

Thanks for any help,

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Answer by NextoDI2008-05-15
We don't have tested on those adapter.

Let us know the error code when error happens.
We might be able to advise the reason and at some case can feagure out the reason. It helps firmware upgrade.
Answer by stefano2008-05-16
Dear NextoDI Staff, here some details:

Nexto Ultra ND2525.
JOBO SE9108 SD/SDHC to CF adapter.
Panasonic 4GB SDHC card.

Nexto switched on and "X_COPY READY" displayed.
Inserting the adapter (with the card inside) the four lights around the "copy" push button illuminate for 1 second.
After that the two green lights remain illuminated (the display doesn't change, "X_COPY READY" remains shown).
After about 30 seconds Nexto automatically switches off.


Nexto switched off.
Adapter inserted.
Switching on again the display shows
with the two green lights around the "copy" button illuminated.
Display doesn't change.
After about 30 seconds Nexto switches off by itself.

No error message displayed.

Tryed also with a Transcend 1GB SD card, same as above.

JOBO adapter works properly inserted in a Nikon D70S camera (with both cards).

Thanks for any test you can perform.

Answer by stefano2008-05-20
Dear NextoDI staff,
for your (and Nexto Ultra owners) information...

Panasonic SD/SDHC-CF adapter (BN-CSDACP3) is compatible with Nexto ND2525.

I had the chance to test with a 4GB SDHC card and it works.


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