Questions by FrankD2008-04-25
NextoM1 ND2325 no full verify misbehaviour
I fully agree with the other customers.
I bougt the NEXTO M1 because of the chance to verify completely.
I was very disappointed, when I notice that i cannot do this.
I just got my M1 today - so I have the chance to give it back to the dealer. I will think about this - though I like the Product in its other possibilities till now.
Please discuss a former Firmwareupdate very soon.
Many thanks and best wishes from Germany.

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Answer by NextoDI2008-04-25
The full verify at M1 takes about 3 hour for 1GB.
It's this long because verify is done by SW.

Instead we'll anounce the Nexto-eXtreme which has SATA support at May.
It has HW verify logic inside, so it can verify 1GB in 60sec.
Answer by FrankD2008-04-26
Many thanks for the very quick response.

BUT the Product was promoted and / or written about at differnt places WITH THE FEATURE: ... I can chose: quick Verify - fast - - - or full verify - slower !

I really would like to have the opportunity to choose. If it were possible, I could decide on my own, if I want to give the NextoM1 the time for full verify --- for example for Data, which I want to be especially safe (sometimes there is time enough - for example while I am sleeping ... the unit may do its work - and then switch off - and I will get a message of succes or no-success at next switching on). In a case like this - using the external Charger - there isn't even a problem with the internal powercapacity.

O.K. - i might buy a new model of nexto in the future - but this will - for shure - NOT happen, if I will feel (very - not so much till now --- I am still in hope and trying) disappointed with my first one (NEXTO M1).
And till this time i would be happier - with the promised features - working!
Even if they take a longer time using software - than if they could use hardware.

- My main wishes (some of them are allready there):
- faster full verify but I don't want to loose the OTG - Port.
- sync with most other external HD
- more then one partition useable by Nexto - Unit

Many thanks and best wishes
Answer by NextoDI2008-05-02
Contact us via CONTACT US tab with your e-mail address.
We'll send special firmware including the full verify enabled.

Thanks for the wish list.
- faster full verify but I don't want to loose the OTG - Port.
It's there at Nexto-eXtreme
- sync with most other external HD
Nexto-eXtreme supports bidirectional sync to normal USB hard drive. But you have to connect power adapter to both device.
MS did not open the spec on NTFS. We could not deal with it.
- more then one partition useable by Nexto - Unit
All Nexto series already support it. But you need to partition and format the hard drive at the PC. At least one partition should be FAT32, and Nexto shall back up to that partition only. For other partition, you can use it for your data.
Answer by FrankD2008-05-02
Thank You very much again.
The Nexto-eXtreme really seems to be very intersting.
I will think about it for future and / or tell friends about it.
I thank you too for the response to my wishes from wishlist.
Only at one point I think I didn't tell clear enough, what my wish really is about the point with NTFS and / or - more then one partition useable by nexto-unit:
For example I built in a HD with a capacity of 120 GB.
Now I habe to choose:
Partitioning an formatting by PC leads to maximum usable capacity by Nexto: 32 GB!
Formating with nexto gives me the full capacity for nexto - but as the format is Fat32 I cannot save data (like a backup-image of complete HD of a PC or big video-file) that is bigger than 4 GB.
For me till now it seems to be the only way to change between these two Uses - choosing by the mostly needed Feature.
Or is the another way - I don't see.
Many thanks and best wishes
Answer by R&D2008-05-06
You can use [Partition Magic] to make arbitrary size FAT32 partition. Using this tool, you can make 100GB FAT32 and 20GB NTFS partition. Then you can save your big file to NTFS part when you using PC. While memory card backup is done to the FAT32 portion. Is this what you want?
Answer by FrankD2008-05-08
Thank you - perfect - I will try this!

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