Questions by Mark2008-04-21
JVC Everio GZ-MG335HEX - Nexto 2325
Hi all,

i have a JVC Everio HDD Camcorder GZ-MG335 and i want to buy you product Nexto 2325 to backup my video recordings during my holiday trip.
I just want to know if somebody can give me information if those 2 devices are working togehter via USB OTG connection.

Is there a possibility to copy only new recordings to the Nexto device, so that i can make a backup every day? Or can i initiate the copy process from my camcorder device, so i can mark the videos to be copied to my Nexto device.

I hop someone can help me with my questions,


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Answer by NextoDI2008-04-25
Nexto-M1 can work with JVC everio series.
But it always copy the whole contents from the camcorder.

We developing this update function but may take couple of months more.
Answer by Mark2008-04-25

thanks for the reply. If it will copy every time the whole content from the camera, my question is, if he will overwrite the files on the Nexto-M1 device, or if there will be new files created everytime.
Can you explain, what you mean with "couple" month? I would need those device in mid November 2008. Is there a possibility to get the updated released until November?

thanks for help,
Answer by NextoDI2008-04-25
No overwrite.
It create new folder and copy every data inside everio at each copy. The folder name is something like '20080425'. Which means the picture taken at year 2008, month April, day 25.

The update feature shall be implemented at ND2700(shall release at May) first.
Answer by Mark2008-05-15
can you confirm that those features was implemented into nd2700?
Is there any release timeline for the update of the 2325 device with those enabled features?


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