Questions by Sergey2008-04-10
Corrupted jpgs using Nexto CF 2300 with 17 in 1 adaptor
I have trouble with corrupted jpd files (RAW is fine) when using 17 in 1 adaptor. Memory card is RiData 4 Gb SDHC card. I am using Nexto CF 2300 device. Does it work with SDHC cards? Please help. Thank you.

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Answer by R&D2008-04-11
It can happen if your 17in1 adapter is now working well.
Use USB card reader for that case.
You can connect USB card reader directly to ND2300.
Answer by Sergey2008-04-15
Nexto OTG ND2300 worked fine by connecting card reader to the device. One thing is still unclear: If NextoDI knew about this problem, why they did not address it with firmware update? Also, why they did not inform the users about this problem?
I used to travel with single ND2300 device all around the globe. Thus means I trusted the device so much! This time I got burned out by the glitch. Luckily, I shot RAW as well as JPGs. RAW transferred to the device fine. So a company which flew me to the location will get what they hired me for. But it happened by pure luck! It might be much worse for me. I need to fly to Denmark and Hungary this July. I am very hesitant to rely on Nexto OTG anymore.

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