Questions by warwickt2008-03-20
CF ND2525 works perfectly with Panasonic HVX-200
All, this is just a post to let any PAnasonic HVX-200 P2 camera user that they can successfully utilise a NEXTODI CF ND2525 with your own P-ATA DDM to offload the content of the P2 cards.


For a SELF POWERED FW disk it is wonderful and save carrying a laptop or buying more P2 CARDs when on the road. (I guess the SONY EX1 SxS guys will have the same issue).

• cant record to the ND2525 from the HVX-200
• HVX-200 set in 1394HOST mode
* unfortunately HVX writes a dos FAT32 file system so ther eis a limit to 15 partitions

works great...


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Answer by R&D2008-04-03
Thanks again.
We are considering R&D on P2 & SxS card back up.
Is this shall help people much?

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