Questions by Kevin Lyness2008-03-13
ND2300 Firmware Upgrade problem
I am trying to upgrade my ND2300 firmware (currently v 1.03). I am following directions to attach to computer via usb, turn power off, then simultaneously press copy and reset. Every time I get a Key Input Error message and double beep.

The copy button seems to work fine otherwise, and I can feel the reset button being pressed, but cannot get to the firmware update function.

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Answer by NextoDI2008-03-17
You should press the reset button first and then press down the coppy button. please consult this post.
Answer by Kevin Lyness2008-03-17
I have followed the directions in that post exactly. I press the reset button, then the copy button. Then I get the Key Input Error message every time.
Answer by Joey2008-03-26
I used to have the same problem. Later I found the reset button was died. So I have to used a metal wire to short-cut it for upgrading, it worked.
Joey @ MA

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