Questions by Wong2008-03-01
Requesting that Full verification fuction restored
I have previously written and requested that for the next update for the Nexto M1 be allowed a full memory card verification rather then only the first 128kb of a file.

Numerous other customers who have posted on your support forum have also requested for it, and I am very sure many others also wish that the feature be restored but did not post.

Each of my RAW files from my camera is about 16mb, by comparing only the first 128kb of a file only equates to 128/(16x1024)= 0.7 percent of the file is actually checked. That still leaves about 99.3 percent of the file open for errors.

I fully understand that it will take a very long time to verify the card, but please let us have the feature so that we may use it when we can.


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Answer by NextoDI2008-03-03
Well noted. Thanks.
We will discuss it inside and decide what to do within a few days.
Please wait for a while.
Answer by Wong2008-03-06
Thanks for taking my request into consideration.
Answer by René2008-03-09
I agree, I prefer to have the choice to fully verify or not. But I prefer YES for the same reason as Wong does!!!
Answer by Hugh Gunn2008-04-03
I have read the many postings on this issue and agree with all of the other people that the full verification function should be restored, even though it is only a software verification that is very slow. Maybe the menu display needs to calculate the time needed and display it before the user commits to the full verification?

However the NEXTO engineers should be able to tell us all in a posting what percentage of errors are able to be detected by reading only 128kB per file. Is this percentage likely to be high, e.g. above 99% for example? Please tell us, and then we can make a choice.

Can an extended or deeper form of the sampling verfication be offered as an extra option, where the time spent on the deeper sampling is comparable to that which a full hardware verification might take? Most full hardware verifications multiply the TOTAL Time to copy a card, read it back again, and to then verify it against what is on the hard drive to between 2.5 to 3 times the time needed to just copy the card. What percentage of errors do your engineers believe would detected by this deeper form of verification sampling? On an 8GB card, for example, your current verification sampling adds only 10% extra time to to the time needed to read and copy the card. This is not a deep sampling. What I am asking your engineers to aalso tell us is what is the benefit gained we could expect as a result of extending the sampling verification to say 150% to 200% extra time (similar to the extra time taken by full hardware verification).

Lastly, your sales and promotional literature should be urgently updated to explain to prospective buyers that the Nexto M1 (2325) only uses software sampling verification. I purchased your M1 on the sales advice that it had full hardware verfication and that this was a feature of the unit. I am disappointed.
Answer by FrankD2008-04-25
I fully agree with the other customers.
I bougt the NEXTO M1 because of the chance to verify completely.
I was very disappointed, when I notice that i cannot do this.
I just got my M1 today - so I have the chance to give it back to the dealer. I will think about this - though I like the Product in its other possibilities till now.
Please discuss a former Firmwareupdate very soon.
Many thanks and best wishes from Germany.

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